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We’re in COMSOL NEWS 2012!

Yet again we are in COMSOL NEWS, & we are not complaining. Yes, our advanced subsea cable analysis work done with JDR Cables was recently featured in COMSOL NEWS 2012. If you’re keen to find out more follow the link below:

Click here

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Dr Mark Yeoman

Mark founded Continuum Blue after completing his PhD for Medtronic Inc. at the Chris Barnard’s Cardiovascular Research Unit (University of Cape Town, South Africa), during his PhD, he found time to lecture the 3rd Year dynamics course at the university for a number of year. In addition he helped Medtronic develop the CE Marked eSVS® Mesh, now owned by Kips Bay Medical, used to extend the life of saphenous vein grafts (SVGs) employed in coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. His affection for numerical techniques & COMSOL™ Multiphysics modelling has won him awards & respect in the field.

Andrius Cizinauskas

Andrius, is a graduate from Brunel where he did Aerospace Engineering. He is most appropriately named ‘Grandpa’ at Continuum Blue, as he is often quoted saying, ‘When I was a boy in Lithuania.….’. Andrius is the resident Mathematica© expert, he loves finding new features & things he can do with this exceptional code from Wolfram.

Damodharan (Damo) Rangaswamy

Damodharan or Damo as he prefers, has a MSc in Automotive Engineering and is SolidWorks® & SolidWorks® Simulation guru. He can knock up equation based 3D CAD designs & assemblies in a few minutes. In his spare time, he enjoys learning new dance moves from various dance workshops, from Street Dance, Ceroc to Salsa. He is currently learning to sketch, and has already done some impressive freehand drawings of various people in the office.

Vivekram Sivasailam

Vivekram is a relatively new to Continuum Blue & comes with a MSc from Bristol University in electrical engineering where he worked on the optimisation & development of solar energy capture & conversion to electrical energy.  He is always looking for a bargain and is always looking on Groupon to find a coupon for Continuum Blue’s bi-monthly team building events, & has great taste in food & cuisine, loves music & hopes to one day play the guitar. He is currently filling his time at Continuum Blue on MATLAB scripting.

Koffie amp de Walt

Koffie is a very hard working Siemens machine, who is incredibly useful in the office. I think most people at Continuum Blue would agree that without him, many of us would not perform our duties in the company, as he provides the staff with copious amounts of caffeine to keep them working at optimum performance throughout the day!

Amy Barebones

Amy, is an important member of the orthopaedic research team at Continuum Blue, where her intimate knowledge of bone structures and biomechanics, have helped the hip implants studies get off the ground Amy is an incredibly dedicated individual, and is found at the office at all hours & can be seen working late in the evening at the offices.

Previous Employees

As always we hate to see good staff members leave Continuum Blue, however we do understand that individuals move on.

Kevin Cooper (EDF Energy)

Kevin Cooper has an MEng at the University of Southampton. In the short time he was at Continuum Blue, he helped develop some of our spine mechanics, heat treatment & analysis models. He has since moved on to EDF Energy. We hope he will have a lucrative & fruitful future at EDF Energy.

Sahir Khan (MSc at Imperial College London)

Sahir Khan helped Continuum Blue develop some COMSOL ornithopter models, where his love of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), drew him into the modelling methods & fluid flow around flapping-wing flight. With this experience he has moved on to do an MSc in numerical methods in fluid flow at Imperial College London.