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We’re in COMSOL NEWS 2012!

Yet again we are in COMSOL NEWS, & we are not complaining. Yes, our advanced subsea cable analysis work done with JDR Cables was recently featured in COMSOL NEWS 2012. If you’re keen to find out more follow the link below:

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We help clients develop better cost-effective products by providing them with an improved understanding of their products performance, help identify & eliminate potential failure points with the use of advanced simulation tools. These advanced simulation tools help clients reduce costs, improve product performance, and gain a competitive edge over other products.

Continuum Blue are COMSOL™ Multiphysics Certified Consultants with over 20 years of experience in advanced finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and kinematic multi-body dynamics. Our modelling experience, ranges from fluid-structure interactions (FSI), acoustic-structure interactions (ASI), induction heating, electrochemical interactions, laser-coupled analysis & coupled thermal-stress analysis. We have worked on projects which implement advanced user subroutines, materials, bone-remodelling & additive layer manufacturing (ALM). We use mathematical tools such as COMSOL™, Mathematica®, MATLAB™, & 3D CAD packages such as SolidWorks® to deliver advanced numerical modelling services to clients. Our clients include the like of GE, BAE Systems, Medtronic & B.Braun.

‘Think ideas, think concepts, think Innovation’

Think Ideas; Think Concepts

And we will help make them a reality, by taking them through the virtual design & development process, produce prototypes & physically test them.

Think Innovation

Ideas and innovations need to be protected and commercialised to realise their potential. We help clients enhance their intellectual property (IP) and commercialise their new novel technologies. Continuum Blue facilitates patent searches and assesses the technology landscape for potential innovations.

Virtual Design & Optimisation Tools

Continuum Blue uses the latest virtual design tools to develop your technology, these include: multiphysics finite element analysis (FEA) & computational fluid dynamics (CFD), 3D CAD and optimisation techniques.